In A Nutshell

Regarded as one of the top independent venues in the country, 20 Front Street engages guests with an intimately immersive sonic experience unlike any other.

In 2016 several families joined together to transform this old antique shop in Lake Orion, Michigan into a beautiful, intimate music venue. Artists from all over the world have shared their gifts in this divine, up close and personal listening room.

Here for the artists
 The words 'I respect music' manifest their meaning in many ways, but these brave and beautiful people are walking the meaning of those three words every day with the venue they’ve built, and how they run it. This place is a Unicorn. Except it’s real. These people give me hope. For my profession. For music. For music! 

⸺ Blake Morgan

Series One

Green RoomSessions

“Have no fear” was the message glowing on the bricks beside the dirt floor stage.

If you all only knew how many breakfast burritos it took to get the room to sound like that…